Sewage treatment plant in Cuxhaven, Germany

Bioremediation of Wastewater: A Sustainable and Bio-inspired Approach to Environmental Cleanup

Mahruf Al Shahariar, Biotechnology Program, Brac University


Water is the most essential and crucial factor in the earth to sustain life. Though 71% of the earth's surface is...

  • March 05, 2023

Biosensors as a Disease Diagnostic Tool: A Comprehensive Review

Shah Faisal [1], Anila [2]. 1. Biotechnology Program, Brac University 2. Department of Zoology University of Sindh Jamshoro Pakistan


Biosensors are devices that are designed to detect biological molecules and other biologically relevant species utilizing a biological recognition element, typically...

  • February 23, 2023

DNA Sequencing Methods

Shah Faisal[1], Owais Khan[2], Mansor Ahmad[2], 1. Biotechnology Program, Brac University 2. Institute of Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering University of Agriculture Peshawar, Pakistan


The demand for fast and inexpensive DNA sequencing data has given birth and dominance to a new generation of sequencing technology....

  • December 09, 2022

An Overview of Bacterial Genomic DNA Isolation

Ifthikhar Zaman, Biotechnology Program, Brac University


DNA isolation is a powerful tool in biotechnology research, and as there are many types of DNA, there are many DNA...

  • November 01, 2022
biuret assay

Biuret Assay: A Rapid and Efficient Way to Find Out Protein Concentration in a Sample

Ifthikhar Zaman, Biotechnology Program, Brac University


There are many techniques to find out protein concentration in a sample, biuret assay is one of them. Biuret...

  • October 29, 2022